Dental Caries Experience and Tobacco Use in 19-year-old Croatian Army Recruits

Tomislav Badel, Ivana Savić Pavičin, Andreja Jelinić Carek, Sanja Šegović


The aim of this study is to investigate caries prevalence and smoking habit in the population of 19-year-old Croatian male recruits. Dental examination of 505 male recruits was conducted in 2001 in the military centre in Koprivnica. Caries status was described by the FS-T (Filled and Sound Teeth) index and DMFT (Decayed, Missing and Filled Teeth) index. Mean DMFT scores were 7.32 and FST 23.56. There was a significant statistical difference in comparison of smoking habits depending on the reason to visit the dentist (p=0.001). The subjects who do not smoke tobacco have less decayed teeth (DT index with p<0.001), and more teeth with fillings and/or sound teeth (FT with p=0.005 and FST with p=0.004). There is no statistically significant difference for the DMFT (p=0.657) and MT (p=0.703). In conclusion, it showed that FS-T is a more appropriate index for describing variation in the population with higher caries experience. In the population of Croatian recruits, there were an astonishing 58.6% of smokers.


dental caries, DMFT, epidemiology, FS-T, recruits, smoking

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