Is severe pancreatitis a clinical entity or multiple organ disfunction syndrome?

Vladimir Gašparović, Kristina Đaković, Ivan Gornik, Radovan Radonić


Acute pancreatitis is a disease with various degrees of clinical manifestations. Mild and moderate severe acute pancreatitis is an illness characterized with   chemical inflammation which, in general, passes without major complications. Clinical picture of severe acute pancreatitis other side is commonly complicated with functional deterioration of other organs, and frequently has characteristics of multiple organ dysfunction or failure syndrome with or without bacterial super infection.  We studded 82 patients admitted to the intensive care unit with severe acute pancreatitis, 14 died. The mortality was in statistically significant correlation with the severity of clinical condition at admission assessed by APACHE II score, and higher Ranson’s and Glasgow criteria by admission. Adequate volume supplementation, on time, as well as percutaneous drainage of infected pancreas collection reduces a risk of pure outcome.


acute pancreatitis, multiple organ failure,

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