Recent Achievements in Preventive Dentistry by Introducing a New Probiotic Toothpaste

Martina Majstorovic, Dubravka Negovetic Vranic, Lajos Szirovicza


Artificially synthesized probiotic from Lactobacillus strain, contained in the tested toothpaste, led to an innovative approach in preventive dentistry. A new concept resulting from this research can be explained due to possible mechanisms of action of probiotic bacteria, according to which equilibrium of hostile bacterial flora is achieved by mechanical elimination of cariogenic bacteria from the mouth. This research was conducted during a 4-week period on a randomly selected Croatian sample of 50 participants, with the aim to investigate the efficacy of the first probiotic toothpaste ever produced in Croatia. CRT tests (Ivoclar Vivadent AG, FL-9494 Schaan / Liechtenstein) were used and individually administrated to each participant to assess the number of Streptococci and Lactobacilli. Saliva samples were tested before, as well as 2 and 4 weeks after using the tested toothpaste. After having had obtained detailed information on the research protocol, participants signed informed consent, and strictly following the instructions, brushed their teeth exclusively using the tested toothpaste and toothbrush of the same manufacturer over the 4 week period. Statistical results obtained after 4 weeks of using the probiotic toothpaste showed significant reduction in the number of participants who, prior to commencing the study, were diagnosed a high number of cariogenic bacteria. The number of participants with the high number of streptococci was significantly reduced from 78.4% to 26.5%, as well as the number of participants with the high number of lactobacilli, which significantly dropped down from 52.9% to 26.5%. The results indicate a significant efficacy of the tested toothpaste, which can be attributed to the effect of the contained synthetized probiotic substance. Therefore, this research reveals a new achievement in innovative technologies, based on which probiotics can be used with purpose of maintaining balance of bacterial flora within the oral cavity, particularly in high risk groups who are more prone to developing caries.


toothpaste, probiotics, CRT tests

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