The Croatian National Termbank STRUNA: A New Platform for Terminological Work

Maja Bratanić, Ana Ostroški Anić


The development of the Croatian Special Field Terminology program (known by its Croatian acronym Struna) began in 2007 as part of an initial coordination project launched at the initiative of the Croatian Standard Language Council, and has since been financed by the Croatian Science Foundation. It is being carried out at the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics, which serves as the national coordinator. This paper describes the current design of the e-Struna termbank and explains the adjustments made in the database structure and in the terminographic approach, both to support and reflect the methodological issues concerning interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work. Based on examples taken from the Croatian anthropological terminology collection special attention is given to two frequently neglected categories of terminological description: context and note.


terminology, terminological database, harmonization, context, note

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