Effects of Internal and External Environment on Health and Well-Being: From Cell to Society

Andrea Tomljenović


A stem cell fate in cell culture depend on the composition of the culturing media. Every single cell in an organism is influenced by its microenvironment and surrounding cells. Biology, psychology, emotions, spirit, energy, lifestyle, culture, economic and political influences, social interactions in family, work, living area and the possibilities to expresses oneself and live full life with a sense of well-being have influence on people appearances. A disease is as much social as biological. It is a reaction of an organism to un unbalancing changes in the internal environment caused by the changes in the external evnironment and/or by the structural and functional failures or unfortunate legacies. Health gradient in the society depends  on the every day circumstances in which people live and work. The health of the population is the insight into the society. The problem facing medicine in the complex society of today  cannot be resolved without the aid of social sciences,as cultural, social, ecological and mental processes affect physiological responses and health outcomes. Anthropology could be a bridge between biomedicine and social sciences and influence strategies in public health to prevent rather than cure and in education for fullfilment in life and improvement of society.  


anthropology, health, disease, medicine, social sciences, emotions, environment, work stress, well-being

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