Effects of a Fixed Partial Denture Treatment Supported by Mini Dental Implants from a Patients Point of View

Sanja Peršić, Antonija Palac, Denis Vojvodić, Asja Čelebić


Mini dental implants (MDIs) in dentistry are recommended for cases with adequate bone quality and height, but a lack of alveolar bone width. Some studies well documented successful usage of MDIs for a removable denture support, but studies of MDIs supporting fixed prosthodontic restorations are scarce. We aimed to study the effect of a fixed partial denture (FPD) therapy, supported by MDIs or by MDIs and natural teeth, to the patients self perceived oral health related quality of life (OHRQoL), self perceived oral aesthetics and self perceived chewing function. A total of 23 patients (10 female and 13 men, age range from 54 to 78 years) were included and 61 MDIs were inserted, 10 in the maxilla and 51 in the mandible. In 14 patients FPDs were constructed only on MDIs and in 9 patients FPDs were made on both, MDIs and natural teeth. FPDs on MDIs were replacing mostly mandibular incisors, the second maxillary incisors and the first maxillary premolars. Those FPDs supported by both, MDIs and natural teeth had some MDIs inserted in frontal regions to allow a FPD construction. The three questionnaires: the OHIP-CRO14 for the assessment of OHRQoL, the OES-CRO for assessment of oral aesthetics and the Chewing function questionnaire (CFQ) for assessment of chewing function have been administrated twice: prior to the MDIs insertion and three months after the FPD treatment supported by MDIs had been finished. The CFQ and the OHIP summary scores significantly decreased revealing better OHRQoL and better chewing ability after treatment, and the OES scores significantly increased indicating increased self perceived oral aesthetics (p<0.01). Clinical examination revealed no periimplant inflammation and patients' data supplement the initially promising clinical findings. However, further follow ups will be necessary to finally confirm the long term benefit of MDIs.


mini dental implants, fixed partial dentures, chewing, aesthetics, OHRQoL

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