Laparoscopic Surgery for Large Hydatide Liver Cyst after Two Previous Laparotomies

Željko Bušić, Marijan Kolovrat, Mario Kopljar, Dražen Servis, Vlatka Čavka, Leonardo Patrlj, Njegoslav Bušić, Mislav Čavka, Igor Nikolić


Laparoscopic surgery for hepatic echinococcosis is a technically difficult and demanding surgical procedure even for the most experienced abdominal surgeon. Surgery is performed  after the conservative treatment with albendazole for 28 days. We report a case of laparoscopic partial pericystectomy with biliostasis and omentoplasty in a patient with two  previously open surgeries (laparotomies) - right subcostal laparotomy for acute inflammation of the gallbladder and right pararectal laparotomy for perforated gangrenous appendix. The patient underwent extensive laparoscopic adhesiolysis due to pronounced intra-abdominal adhesions to gain access to a large hydatid cyst with the diameter of 11 cm. Laparoscopic surgery is much less traumatic to the patient with a better cosmetic effect. 


hepatic echinococcosis; hydatid cyst; liver; surgery; laparoscopy; minimally invasive surgery

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