Camurati-Engelmann Disease in a Family from Croatian Island: An Old Bone Scan Confirmed Pattern of Inheritance

Maja Baretić, Mirko Koršić, Kristina Potočki, Gordana Herceg Horvatić, Željka Crnčević Orlić


34-year old patient had history of muscular wasting, easy fatigability, pain in extremities and waddling gait since age of four. During the time, neuromuscular disease was suspected, but not confirmed. Elevated bone alkaline phosphatase as well as other bone turnover markers (osteocalcin, procollagen, telopeptide) indicated further skeletal evaluation. Symmetrical enhanced uptake on technetium methylene diphosphonate [99mTc]MPD bone scintigraphy at diaphyses of longitudinal bones and scull matched cortical thickening of long bones and sclerosis of the scull seen at radiograms. Those findings pointed to Camurati-Engelmann disease misdiagnosed for the long time. This rare genetic autosomal dominant disorder was retrospectively diagnosed in asymptomatic father too on the basis of bone scans done long time ago. Old family member scans confirmed heredity pattern of the disease.


: Engelmann-Camurati disease; hereditary disease; progressive diaphyseal dysplasia; bone scintigraphy; bone radiograms

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