Predicting Business Opportunities and/or Threats - Business Intelligence in the Service of Corporate Security (Empirical Analysis of the Usage in the Economy of Republic of Croatia)

Mirko Bilandžić, Danijela Lucić


Predicting business opportunity sand risks is based on existing knowledge about them. In practice, this knowledge comes from collecting business information from the business environment, within the framework of something that is knownas business intelligence (BI). Prediction of opportunities and risks is inherent in business of successful company. Corporate security as a framework for ensuring the safety of business is based on timely and accurate information that becomes foreknowledge of threats, for which prediction companies are using different tools, and business intelligence (BI) is a proven tool. The aim of using BI in company is well-timed detection of opportunities and threats in business environment that management could react in time. Implementation of BI activities in Croatia significantly differs from the world average and in applying of BI activities companies are primarily focused on business dimension of business environment, while ignoring the political and security dimensions from which threats are generated, as shown by the survey results conducted from October 2010 till April 2011 with onlinesurvey method on a sample of 1,000 largest Croatian companies by revenue.


corporate security, business intelligence, strategic management, Croatian economy, crisis management.

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