Prevalence, Attitudes and Knowledge about HIV, HBV and HCV Infections among Inmates in Prisons Prilep and Bitola - a Pilot Study

Tanja Jovanovska, Biljana Kocic, Viktorija P Stojcevska



Prisons are known by connection of high risk of infection disease , as a result of possibility of transmission of infections in prisons surroundings. Investigations carried out in correctional facilities around the world have shown a high prevalence of blood borne hepatitis viruses and HIV. The study was aimed at confirming prevalence of HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C among prisoners in Bitola's, and Prilep's prisons, existing of coinfection as well to assess knowledge and attitudes related to HIV, HBV and  HCV infection. In cross sectional study 200 prisoners were included, giving answers to structured questionnaire and in order to analyze blood for HIV, HBV and HCV, rapid blood tests were used in detecting antibodies. Prevalence of HCV is 0.20, HBV 0.17 and HIV prevalence is 0. Co infection prevalence of HCV/HBV is 0.07 from the total number of examinees. As for the way of infection with HIV virus 22% know that persons can't be infected by HIV if they have only one sexual partner who is not infected and have no other partners, and for the protection of HIV and Hepatitis B by correct use of condoms-58% have given correct answers.

Key words: prisoners, HCV, HBV,HIV, knowledge.


prisoners, HCV, HBV,HIV, knowledge

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