The Inscription of Medicus of the XIth Legion from Burnum

Nikola Cesarik


The archaeological site at Burnum is the subject of scientific research held since 2003 in the area of the ancient agglomeration by the members of the Chair of Ancient Archaeology of the Department of Archaeology of the University of Zadar, accompanied by partners – Krka National Park, City Museum of Drniš and Laboratory of Archaeological and Topographic Survey of the Department of Archaeology of the University of Bologna. Epigraphic and onomastic analysis of known inscriptions has one of the main roles within the interdisciplinary studies and, in a matter of study of a mere site, is in the scientific focus since the 19th century. Since Burnum becomes a military stronghold at the beginning of the 1st century AD on which legionary and auxiliary forts have been built, it is not surprising that the majority of the inscriptions are mentioning soldiers of units that have been placed at Burnum. The biggest part of the inscriptions mentions the soldiers of the XIth legion – a unit which was stationed at Burnum from 10 to 69 AD. This article is dealing with another epigraphic evidence of the military personnel of the XIth legion in the province of Dalmatia, where a military physician (medicus legionis XI) has been confirmed for the first time. It is very important to mention that we are dealing with the oldest known physician which held his medical service on the territory of the Roman province of Dalmatia.


roman army physician, legio XI, Burnum, latin epigraphy, funerary stele

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