Inheritance of Quantitative Dermatoglyphic Traits with Asymmetry and Diversity in Muzeina Bedouin Tribe: A Small Isolated and Consanguineous Population from South Sinai

Bibha Karmakar, Ida Malkin, Eugene Kobyliansky


The genetic factors contribute significantly to the determination of dermatoglyphic traits is well established. However, the controversies in views and findings of this issue are still inconclusive. The present study is an attempt to evaluate the inheritance of quantitative dermatoglyphic traits with asymmetry (DA and FA) and diversity (Div) through sibling correlations. Data include 218 individual from (88 families) in a small isolate, the nomadic tribe Muzeina with a high degree of consanguinity (0.09) from South Sinai. Statistical analyses include sibling correlations, cross-correlations and genetic correlation (GC) - a ratio of sibling cross-correlation between traits divided on square root of the both traits sibling correlation product. The familial correlation coefficients for quantitative dermatoglyphic traits are perhaps expected lower in such a small isolated and consanguineous population than our previous studied in Indian populations and Chuvashian populations from Russia. These results indicate a simpler genetic basis due to high degree (0.09 inbreeding coefficient) of consanguinity in Muzeina Bedouin tribe. There is no evidence of major gene involvement, although a little genetic effect obtained from familial correlations on asymmetry (DA and FA) and diversity (Div) traits through sibling correlations. The significant interaction between sexes was found, which contradicts with the other populations perhaps due to high level of consanguinity.Lower correlation coefficients than in other non- consanguineous populations for quantitative dermatoglyphic traits indicate a simpler genetic basis due to high degree of inbreeding coefficient (0.09) in Muzeina. Dermatoglyphic asymmetry and diversity traits may be due to environmental factors rather than dominance in Bedouins, although a little genetic effect was found  suggests a measure of developmental instability in human (FA).


Familial correlations, dermatoglyphics, Bedouins, South Sinai

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